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Why Luxury Home Magazine

Luxury Home Magazine® is the leader in market specific presentation of luxury homes and luxury lifestyles. Our publication is an oversized “Coffee Table Magazine” format, featuring beautiful photography of exceptional homes with easy to read layouts. We utilize only the most effective methods of targeted delivery to reach the wealthiest and most affluent buyers and sellers of luxury real estate, even in today’s market. We are devoted to displaying the highest quality homes, goods & professional services available to our readers. We strive to deliver the most powerful and effective tools for our clients to help them market and grow their business.

Luxury Home Magazine coverEach Luxury Home Magazine is operated by an independent Publisher who represents a specific geographic market. As a publisher, you’ll oversee all aspects of Luxury Home Magazine in your area, from marketing and sales to design and circulation. Our proven system, which has been tested and utilized throughout the United States, will help guide you to create the successful business you are looking for, and you can always count on support from LHM Corporate.

“As we continue providing a superior market specific product In Print, Direct Mailed and Online, we are driven to give our Publishers more marketing and real-time training. Our goal is ultimately to be a resource to not just our Publishers/Distributors, but to our Clients and their Clients as well. Our Team, our Vision, our Values and our Focus are the driving forces as we continue opening magazines throughout North America.” – Solar Hing, CEO Luxury Home Magazine

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