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Owning and operating a Luxury Home Magazine market is a unique and fulfilling experience. As a publisher, you will develop personal relationships with many of your market’s top real estate and luxury product and service professionals. You will be known as the person that publishes “The Coffee Table Magazine,” and people will tell you, “I love that magazine. I look at it all the time.”

Your success will be directly connected to how closely you follow our proven system and the amount of effort you put into developing your relationships. With the recovering real estate market and increase in consumer luxury spending, there is unlimited potential for what a publisher can accomplish in their market.

Leadership – LHM Media Group is led by some of the most talented and respected individuals in the luxury real estate industry. They are creative, hardworking and focused on your success.

Credibility – Luxury Home Magazine is a brand recognized worldwide for excellence in real estate/lifestyle marketing. Our clients include many of the top real estate agents in the world. We’ve been building relationships with our clients for years, and our track record of results speaks for itself.

Training – Our 3-day Distributor Training & Orientation will teach you and your team the foundation for building a healthy and successful business. We will walk you through every step, from how to set up your office to how to distribute your magazines.

National Network – When you become a Publisher/Distributor of Luxury Home Magazine, you become part of a national network of other Publishers/Distributors that have the same goals and desires. This network allows for unparalleled collaboration and networking as you work to grow your business.

Ongoing support – After you attend our Distributor Training & Orientation (DTO), we will always be available to answer any questions that you or your team have. Our frequent distributor conference calls and regional training meetings will keep you on the forefront of what is happing with our LHM team and the industry in general.

Strategic Partners – Due to our size and buying power, we have negotiated with many vendors and suppliers to offer you the best pricing on many of the items you will need to succeed as a publisher of Luxury Home Magazine. We work hard to keep your expenses low.

At Luxury Home Magazine, our success is best described by the three words: “Provide the Best.” We provide the best publications, which offer the best homes and are represented by the best in the real estate industry. As we continue to grow and expand our network, we are looking for publishers and distributors who have the same level of commitment to success that we do. We offer one of the most unique, rewarding and successful opportunities for people who want to own a business.

Life is all about having balance and you can rest assured that Luxury Home Magazine will still allow you to pursue the other interests that are important in your life besides work. Your hard work will reap rewards, and as a bonus you won’t be tied to a storefront or stuck behind a desk all day. This is your opportunity to own your own business and truly enjoy what you do each and every day!

Emile and Cathy Cathy